My name is Ben Hoffman (ghost) I’m a photographer living in Los Angeles, and this is Project1. The Project is me, and the 1 symbolizes one year. Starting January 1, 2010 I started doing at least one photo shoot every day for the entire year, yielding at least one fine art image that I’m proud of. Originally this was to be a one year journey, but near the end of 2010 it became clear to me that I didn’t want to stop. On January 1, 2011 I began my second year of Project1.Taking the time to shoot for myself everyday started as a challenge; a way for me to heal, and to grow as an artist. Over time it has simply become what I do, and every day, without exception, I create for myself. By viewing the galleries on the right side of this page you can see everything I’ve captured for Project1.

NOTE: Daily perfection, a fools errand at best, is not the goal. Instead, one photo that I would be either willing to show, or that furthers my craft and helps to heal my heart. Some days there may be multiple photos, which would be great, but at least one is mandatory. Check back. If it kills me there will be a new photo every day, some of which may include notes on how and why I took it. More often than not I’ll simply let the photos speak for themselves. I invite everyone to become part of the conversation by using the comments tab below each photograph.

All of the images on this site were created in-camera. Though I do, sometimes, make small adjustments to contrast and color, and fix small digital imperfections, usually caused by long exposure drop-outs, I do not use Photoshop to make my photographs. This is pure photography.

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  1. Bandini says:

    My brother,

    -I just spent a couple hours (plus) catching up on P-1.2, and as always you you never cease to amaze, inspire, and truly move me. You’ve GOT it, man.. Of course, there’s always the occasional ‘head scratcher’ (“I don’t get it..” hehehehe) but homeslice your shit does it for me. Super stoked. Mad love and props to my all-time fave photog, thanks for keeping it going man, what a gift. Can’t wait to see what you come up with the next time we hang out. :~) Love ya baby .\m/

    P.S. You gotta proof read your Intro. ( …of this page you can everything I’ve…) Word(s). :-)

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