June 18, 2011

This image was quite a surprise tonight. Driving over a bridge, and spotting luminous clouds over high tension wires, I went looking for a way into the dark neighborhood that would be the wires anchor points. Take into mind, this is not at all far from where I lived a while back, and yet I’d never noticed this area before. Interesting how a different state of mind will open you up to seeing things in a different way. So I find the source, and THIS is what I’m looking at! Unbelievable. Of course there was a huge fence in front of me, so I stuck the tripod and camera through a gate slot, and got my shot. The best part is that I went back to the bridge, and captured another beautiful image as well, and there’s more to go back for. Once again, locations in the bank. Stoked.

For Those About to Rock – Atwater Village, CA

2 Responses to “June 18, 2011”

  1. JR says:

    Ben once again, amazing! I love the power plants!

  2. Ghost says:

    Thanks Jeromy! Me too! Leaving for SD – New hunting grounds!

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