June 3, 2011

There are some amazing people in my life who inspire me in different ways, and Hollywood is one of them. Every time I work with him I learn something new about lighting. He seems to have an endless array of lighting techniques to make people, places, and things look their very best. He’s also a complete character, and always great to work with. I certainly don’t know everything about him but I do know this: Texan, B1 pilot, storyteller, and lighting god, the general rule is this – Go big or go home. He also inspires me in how he handles his crew. There’s no messing around: He demands that his people work hard, stay on top of things, and is very exacting in asking for what he wants. He’s also quick to compliment, commend solid action, and to say thank you.

I’ve been wanting to shoot his portrait for some time, and though we only took a handful of photos today, I got exactly what I wanted. Two shots: First, his hands. You can actually see the amount of years this guy has been working, right in his hands. He’ll fix your car, light and shoot your movie, and I’m sure a few thousand other things. Second, his eyes. There’s always something going on in that head of his, and though he looks a little tough here, he’s actually a total sweetheart. To add to the Hollywood mystique you sometimes have to push a little to get him to spill, but he usually does, and it’s always right on the money. My thanks to him for taking a few minutes out of a very busy day to pose for me, and for inspiring me to light bigger and better. I’ll tell you what, the world is a richer place with people like him running around in it.

Hollywood – Barstow, CA

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