January 21, 2011

Tonight, utterly exhausted after a long day of work, I knew unequivocally that somehow I would find my shot on the road I always drive to get home. Sometimes you just have a feeling, and you look at things a little differently. I drove, and turned, and looked, and found a new, tiny, dead end street, and took a photo of a building that I’ve wanted to shoot for many months. Lucky me, a wall of shadows found me. As an added bonus, somehow I was able to hand hold at 1/10. Hands shake when you think about them. The only thing that matters is the shot. The rest will be exactly as it should be, and is.

Stretching to Look Over, Sometimes the Heights Succumb to Envy – DTLA

ISO 1000, 24-70 @ 27mm, f/2.8 @ 1/10 sec – hand held! – available light

2 Responses to “January 21, 2011”

  1. Rolanda says:

    Ghost…I love this shot and the eyes that saw it. It speaks to me…it is light in the darkness. And I hate dark spaces unless it is under the covers. Casper

  2. Ghost says:

    Thank you Rolanda. I like how you called this the light in the darkness. I saw it a little differently, almost in reverse. That’s one of the wonderful things about this site: How different people interpret my work. Thank you again. Ghost

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