January 9, 2010

Today I set up a “real” shoot for my photography student, and afterward spent a little time photographing Treasa for myself. I’ve worked with her a few times in the past, and know that I can get wonderful emotion from her. Directing a model to be intense, or brooding often yields portraits that are full of questions: What was she thinking about? Is this real emotion? What I find particularly interesting is the motive. If Treasa actually thought about something that was upsetting, then indeed there is real emotion here. The longer I shoot portraiture the more I believe that it’s incredibly important to provide the model with motive. A portrait shoot is a manufactured event. By directing feeling, the sterile environment opens up and takes on a new life all it’s own.

Special thanks to Treasa and Mitzi for volunteering to work with me and my student today!

Untitled – Sparrow Studio – Downtown LA

Model > Treasa

Make-up > Mitzi Druss

ISO 200, 70-200 @ 105mm, f/4.0 @ 1/320 sec – hand  held – available light

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