January 02, 2010

What can I say…My first night in New York City and I was blessed with incredible clouds. Walking around today I had taken some decent stuff, but I wasn’t entirely satisfied. Noticing the cloud cover this evening I suited up for the cold and headed out again, which once again, is exactly the point of Project1. Never settle – Get THE shot.

I’ve decided that for this year if ┬áthere are multiple images I’m happy with, and they go together as a set, I will post more than one. And with that…

The Sky’s Are Crying – Manhattan, New York

ISO 250, 24-70 @ multiple focal lengths, f/9 @ 6.0 & 8.0 sec

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  1. John says:

    I originally I thought I really liked the 2 shots w/ a portion of the church’s steeple in the lower left of frame(maybe not a church but I like that type of architecture a great deal). But I think I am infinitely more fascinated by the story the vertical shot between the 2 buildings tells. And the Specter-like cloud formation…… Could it be Mothra??? Maybe the possibility of hearing a startling noise from above, turning your face skyward, was that a shadow or a face in one of those lit windows……

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