January 31, 2010

Today, Sunday the 31st, marks the end of my first month since starting Project1. If I were to stop today, it would have already been an incredible journey. I haven’t done¬† 31 art only photo shoots in the past few years, much less in one month. In addition to taking photographs that I’ve had in my head for years, I’m creating images never dreamed of, and all because I’m allowing myself the time to do it.

Reading Benita Eisler’s excellent, O’Keefee and Stieglitz: An American Romance, was a big factor in starting Project1. My first time reading something of this nature, it not only inspired my return to creating art, but also a new desire to find out more about the artist’s I have admired for so long.

To mark the end of my first month, tonight’s photo is very much an homage to O’Keefee and Stieglitz. The sheen, and slight glow of the skin, architectural¬† hands, and soft grays are very reminiscent of the portraits they created together.

Cradle – Fallout Shelter – Downtown Los Angeles
ISO 800, 24-70 @ 60mm, f/4 @ 1/80 sec – handheld – available light

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