January 29, 2010

After working for almost¬† 36 hours straight, I didn’t want to stray far from my studio tonight. Inspired by photographs I was making for a model last night, images with glorious texture, I went outside to shoot the ivy laden wall, just outside my studio. That’s one of my windows top left. Exhausted, I was just starting to get some idea of what I wanted to do when a teenager walked by, and I caught him in motion blur. It just so happened that my rushed framing, and exposure, were almost perfect. Wanting to improve on the theme, I adjusted my camera slightly, set it to auto countdown, and exposed myself walking through frame a few times. I also experimented with photographing one of the buildings artists, asking him to make a few passes as well. I decided one of the self portraits was the most striking, and though a little hard to see here, my face became a grotesque mask of pain and fear.

The fact that I keep showing up in my photographs makes me think of the photographer and artist, Cindy Sherman, who has been photographing herself for decades. Almost a month into Project1, and turning the camera on myself far more than expected, I look forward to exploring the theory behind her work. Excerpted from her homepage; “Although, the majority of her photographs are pictures of her, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. Rather, Sherman uses herself as a vehicle for commentary on a variety of issues of the modern world: the role of the woman, the role of the artist and many more.” The fact is that I have never spent much time analyzing what drives me to create my photographs.¬† I’ve been shooting professionally for over 15 years, and for another 15 before that, so I suppose it’s about time I took a long hard look at my craft. Sounds like fun.

Untitled – Ave 33 – Los Angeles – tripod – timed release
ISO 400, 24-70 @ 25mm, f/5.6 @ 1/3 sec

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