January 20, 2010

Yesterday’s entry had a lot more behind it than I let on, but I was reticent to discuss it here. Project1 started as a photographic journey, a discipline, and a way to grow. Am I here to simply share my art? I know unequivocally, that although I’m sharing much about myself, and the motivation behind my work, every photograph regardless of accompanying text,  must be able to stand on it’s own. That said, Project1, has in a short time become a visual, and written diary of my conscious and sub-conscious existence. It’s important that I’m willing to take photographs that are, at times, difficult to create, and extremely personal. In addition, and without planning, I’ve joined a long list of artists who’ve found it cathartic to explore their work by writing about it as well. Sometimes, today for instance, the photograph speaks for itself.

Wood Dust and  Sorrow – Studio Sparrow – Los Angeles
ISO 100, 24-70 @ 24mm, f/20 @ 30 sec – Tripod – table lamp

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