January 18, 2010

There are visual landmarks in my life which have deeply influenced my art, how I live, what I like to surround myself with, and my sense of self. The Terry Gilliam film, Brazil, which I saw at a very impressionable eighteen, was one such event. It’s impact on me was enormous. I left the theater stunned, and didn’t stop thinking about what I had seen for months. Growing up in beautiful beach communities,  and having done very little travel, it’s ominous cityscapes, crushing scale, and limitless grime were powerful and foreign. Attending punk shows in derelict parts of the city was about as close as I’d ever been. Today I know that these places are found the world over, have seen them in person, and am finally ready to take photographs. Tonight I started driving, and ended up in Brazil.

The Sky Factory – Alhambra
ISO 1600, 24-70@24mm, f/2.8 @ 1/5 sec – handheld using automobile for stability
Tonight’s musical inspiration: Tool

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