January 8, 2010

Tonight my only goal was to take a photo, not use a tripod, and only take my shorter lens, which would force me to get close. This is the first night that my base of operations is my new studio. The difference is that’s it’s a part of the city that though docile by day, is a little more menacing at night. My studio is situated in a very quiet part of the surrounding area, but just a mile to the South people are cruising, and eating, and hanging out on the streets. I think a certain amount of caution has to be taken while walking around with a camera at night. That said, I bucked up, and started driving.

I had noticed this “hotel” a few days before and decided to check it out. Let’s think about that word, hotel. Where I come from a hotel is an establishment that, at the very least, has  a front desk, and offers individually wrapped soap,  clean bedding, and possibly a continental breakfast.  Something tells me that a stay at this hotel doesn’t offer many, or possibly any of these luxuries. So who stays here and why? Is it by the day? The month? I don’t know what it is but I find this kind of place fascinating and magnetic. I would love to stay in one of these rooms for a night. I don’t know why, but it’s there. Maybe that will be another night. Inside. Alone. Listening. Taking photos. Living.

Hotel – Broadway and Avenue 20 – Los Angeles
ISO 1250, 24-70 @ 32mm, f2.8 @1/30 sec handheld

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