January 7, 2010

I’ve looked at the magazine Juxtapose for years, and been a little envious of the artists who often play in the shadows. The downtown art thing has always kind of eluded me. Sure, I’ve been to openings and art walks, but I couldn’t see that where they worked was part of their work. I’ve usually been downtown during the day. One building seeming to blend into another. I was wrong. Downtown, for me, is all about the night. When night falls the old city’s texture comes to life. The dark streets, amber lights, and people you see, it all turns to molasses,  seeping into itself, and into me. As I write this police cars go screaming past my building, and for just a moment, the night explodes into a fury of color and sound.

This self portrait is the person I’ve become. A kind of ghost. Suddenly nocturnal, an entire world of photography bares itself to me, and begs to be captured. The day is for fashion, weddings, and family. The night is for me.

Ghost Smile, Self Portrait @ Fallout Shelter
ISO 100, 24-70 @ 24mm, f/22 @ 8.0 sec timed release

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